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Posted by Tiffany Posted 1826 Days Ago Category: Day Hikes 
Sometimes I just can’t be bothered to make breakfast in the morning when I’m getting ready for a hike. These tasty little squares are like granola, but softer. They’re a great cereal option if you’re camping or just in a hurry. Eat them on their own, or put a couple in a bowl with a splash of milk. I like to put three squares in a bowl with some soymilk, and heat it up for a few seconds for “fancy” oatmeal. In this recipe I use coconut oil, my new favorite seasoning :) Coconut oil lends a light tropical essence of coconut to your cooking and is a source of healthy saturated fats and may contain antiviral properties. But mostly, it just tasted delicious! The oil is solid at room temperature, so you must melt it before mixing it in with the oats. You can also halve this recipe to make a smaller batch.
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