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Club Driver Guidelines

Recommended Guidelines for Compensation of Drivers
Everybody's transportation costs have increased significantly over the past years. Some BCMC members and frequent chauffeurs have felt frustrations about the current, most common system on how to share transportation costs, where all participants only share the cost of gas (no extra to offset maintenance, tires, and associated costs) and a few drivers charge what they see fit.

Club members Werner Grzimek and Francis St. Pierre were asked to research fair and equitable ways to share costs, and have come up with the following guidelines. The executive has approved of these guidelines, and strongly recommends their use by passengers and drivers on club trips.

We realize that by following these guidelines, passengers may end up paying significantly more than in the past for equal trips. Unfortunately, this is a byproduct of equitably distributing the real costs of transportation. One of the additional effects of this compensation plan is that it also encourages carpooling, benefiting the environment.

The guidelines are as follows (with examples below):
Drivers: Pay "in kind" with car, cleaning costs, driving time (while passengers can rest, relax etc.)
Passengers: Pay a per kilometer fee of: 10% the price of 1 litre of gasoline (currently about $ 0.14 per km.) covering passenger and luggage (pack, etc.).
This rate is per passenger, when one or two passengers are on board.
If three or more passengers share the vehicle with the driver, they split the total cost for 2 passengers.
Extra Costs: For unpaved road over 3 km, each person pays an extra $ 5.00
For driving on rough 4WD logging roads, this fixed fee becomes $ 10.00 per person.
Luggage/Equipment: Any luggage or equipment transferred to another vehicle is accompanied by a $ 10.00 fare.
Distribution: Trip leaders and all club members should fairly distribute passengers to all vehicles.
Discretion: Exceptions and hardships should be dealt with at the driver's discretion.

Garibaldi Lake Road (182 km round trip from St. David's)
One Passenger: $ 25.48
Two Passengers: $ 25.48 each ($ 50.96 total)
Three Passengers: $ 16.99 each ($ 50.96 divided by 3)
Four Passengers: $ 12.74 each ($ 50.96 divided by 4)
Tricouni Peak (202 km round trip from St. David's, including rough 4WD)
One Passenger: $ 38.28 (202 x $ 0.14 = $ 28.28 plus $ 10.00 for 4WD road)
Two Passengers: $ 38.28 each ($ 76.56 total)
Three Passengers: $ 28.85 each ($ 28.28 x 2, divided by 3 = $ 18.85. Add $ 10 per person for 4WD road)
Four Passengers: $ 17.07 each ($ 28.28 x 2, divided by 4 = $ 7.07. Add $ 10 per person for 4WD road)

Links to the original proposal documents are below:
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