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Other Events by tmadms
Tim Adams Grade: C3 Start: Fri 12 Mar '21
M:5, C:4, W:2
Overnighter on a classic coast mountain trip
Tim Adams Grade: B2 Start: Sat 9 Jan '21
M:4, C:4, W:1
Day trip skiing the meadows beneath black tusk / panorama ridge
Tim Adams Grade: C2 Start: Sun 13 Sep '20
M:4, C:3, W:1
Fun day scrambling in squamish
Tim Adams Grade: C2 Start: Fri 31 Jul '20
M:3, C:2, W:0
Overnight trip to Ossa (and potentially Pelion)
Tim Adams Grade: C2 Start: Sun 26 Jul '20
M:4, C:2, W:0
Overnight trip at Sigurd Peak!
Tim Adams Grade: B3 Start: Sat 14 Mar '20
M:3, C:3, W:0
Day trip ski tour with lift access from Blackcomb.
Tim Adams Grade: A1 Start: Tue 5 Dec '17
M:4, C:1, W:0
Heading up the mountain for a morning sesh!
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