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28.03.2013 (3834 Days Ago)
News TitleTie in and Let's Go! - Rally Call for Volunteers
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Posted by BrittanyZ Posted 05.04.2014 11:41 Category: Commentary  Tags: health fmcbc non-motorized med 
FMCBC research study into the health benefits of non-motorized recreation has some details that may be of use the next time you're sneaking out of the office early Friday afternoon to get outside.
Posted by BrittanyZ Posted 24.02.2014 10:17 Category: Commentary  Tags: bcmc800 vimff volunteers 
Thanks to the efforts of the BCMC volunteer crew at VIMFF, we've reached "BCMC 800", the club is bigger than it's ever been.
Posted by BrittanyZ Posted 08.04.2013 09:52 Category: Commentary  Tags: commitment trip organizer commentary 
David Scanlon offers an anecdote on a frustrating topic for trip organizers: lack of commitment from trip participants.
Posted by BrittanyZ Posted 10.01.2013 09:59 Category: Commentary  Tags: heliskiing garibaldi bcparks 
Today is the last day for public comment on the Spearhead amendments to the Garibaldi Park Management plan. Make your voice heard.
Posted by BrittanyZ Posted 28.12.2012 10:18 Category: Commentary  Tags: spearhead garibaldi bcparks 
An area of particular concern in the current draft is the plan to continue to allow heli-skiing within the park, in the same area as the new proposed hut system. Comment while you still can.

The BCMC is a member driven club that has been run by volunteers from it's membership since it's creation in 1907, then known as the Vancouver Mountaineering Club. 106 years of member involvement has made what the British Columbia Mountaineering Club is today.

There are no paid positions with the BCMC, it is managed by an elected board of volunteer executive members who deal with the day to day affairs of the club. The executive members themselves cannot accomplish all needed tasks and rely on the assistance of volunteers from the ranks of the club to help with both ongoing and periodic club roles.

Currently there are three vacant executive seats which are leaving important roles that need attention to keep the club running. Additionally the vacant positions increase the burden on the existing executivemembers who have stepped forward to help the club in their specific roles.

All fourteen of the executive positions also need ongoing regular support from the membership with administrative type duties throughout the year. These positions can either be ongoing tasks requiring an hour or two per week or periodic helping out with short term roles.

In order to further facilitate the involvement of club members the executive has initiated a new process to help fill these vacant roles. There will be a regular section in the newsletter identifying current or upcoming areas that the club needs help with. A new section has been added to the forums under BCMC Member Forums called Club Volunteer Help.

Tie in and Let's Go! - Rally Call for Volunteers
_Tie in and Let's Go! - Rally Call for Volunteers
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