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Mountain Lake

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Propane stove fuel supply at the hut.  New tanks were flown in, in September 2022. There is a third tank in reserve. To connect the reserve tank to the supply line, use the supplied crescent wrench in the propane shed to connect the reserve tank in place of one of the empty tanks. Use appropriate care when handling propane tanks. Do not strip or over tighten the supply lines. Check for leaks. Propane has a smell. Turn off the tank valves when not in use.

Vehicle access to trailhead on Furry Creek FSR for those booking the cabin.  The access road is gated at Sea to Sky Highway.  For those booking the cabin a key to the gate may be given out by the key custodian if specific criteria are met.  See below.  Otherwise, access on foot or bicycle only. 17.5 km from highway to hut (11 km of good road to trail head). Elevation gain 1400 meters. Allow a full day.  The gravel road is loose and steep in places, but a bike is worth it.  The key is not give out for day trips.  

Access up Britannia FSR is not allowed under any circumstance.

Rules for use of Furry Creek gate key — 2021-08-23 

Effective Date: October 15 2021 



The use of a key to access the Furry Creek FSR and road to the parking area for the trail to Mountain Lake is tightly controlled. The ministry of the Environment has had some of their monitoring equipment associated with the former Britannia mine damaged by people accessing the Furry Creek area on the Furry Creek FSR. As such they have restricted access to the area.  There is also active logging in the area and traffic on the road is managed by radio. The Ministry of the Environment and the local logging contractor have allowed the BCMC to have limited access to the road leading to the Mountain Lake trail under very specific requirements. By following the rules, you will ensure the club has continued access to the Furry Creek Road. 


To meet these requirements the BCMC has set out the following rules for obtaining the key to the gate on the Furry Creek FSR. Failure to follow all rules may result in the forfeiture of the entire deposit at the sole discretion of the key coordinator. 

These are the rules: 

The key will only be given out for a trip posted on the BCMC schedule of trips composed of club members only. 

To obtain the key the trip leader must be a member in good standing for a minimum of one year and led four scheduled BCMC trips. These must show up in their BCMC profile. 

A deposit of $200 must be made in advance of the trip. An etransfer can be made to the key coordinator.  Brian Sheffield (bsheffield50@gmail.com)

The deposit is for the loan of a key and a radio and a commitment to abide by these rules. 

Arrangements must be made with the key coordinator to pick up the key and a radio prior to the day of the trip or at a mutually agreed upon time. 

The key must be dropped off at the end of the trip at the key coordinators house on the last day of the trip or at a mutually agreed upon time. (1216 Sutherland Ave. North Vancouver BC.  Call 778 968 6353)

Prior to setting out on the Furry Creek FSR the trip leader must text the mine manager Harry Carruthers (604) 916-1101 to inform him when entering through the gate. Note the number of people and vehicles in the party. When leaving through the gate, text the mine manager informing him of the number of people and vehicles leaving. 

Leave the gate as you found it. If locked, it must be locked after driving through. If open, leave it open. (During logging operations, WorkSafe BC requires the gate to be left open.) 

The trip leader must have and use the proper radio to communicate with road traffic.  The club loans a radio with the key. It is the trip leader's responsibility to ensure the radio is charged and knows how to use it. 

While on the road the trip leader must call out the km signs to inform other resource road users where they are at on the road and whether they are headed up or down the road. Eg. Call "BCMC Furry Creek 7 Up" as you pass the 7 km marker on the way in. The loaned radio is pre-programmed for the resource road frequency for Furry Creek. Use Channel 09 to communicate with other resource road users for Furry Creek. 

Follow instructions of other road users. For example, logging trucks have right-of-way.  Pull off of the road in a layby well in advance of industrial road traffic and let it pass. 

Only 4WD or AWD vehicles with sufficient clearance and in good working order may travel on the road. No 2WD permitted.  

Travel on snow is not permitted. You will get stuck. 

All vehicles in the party must travel in a convoy. Do not spread out. Wait for all vehicles to reassemble at each road junction. 

All vehicles must use only the authorized Furry Creek Road to and from the gate to the Mountain Lake parking lot. It is the trip leader's responsibility to ensure vehicles travel on the authorized road only. 

Vehicles must park at an appropriate parking spot near KM 10. The road narrows and is deeply ditched beyond. Limited turnaround. Under no circumstance is any vehicle to cross Cyrtina Creek even if capable in order to preserve the trail bed and cross-ditches  from damage.  

If the key or radio is lost the replacement cost will be deducted from the deposit. 

If the key and radio are not returned immediately at the end of the trip, 0 of the deposit may be forfeited.  

All or a portion of the deposit may be withheld if any of the above rules are not followed.  

The entire deposit will be withheld for seven days to permit the BCMC to verify that the party followed the rules. The BCMC key custodian makes that determination. Disputes with the key custodian may be raised with the BCMC board of directors by applying in writing. 

If the party goes up the Britannia Creek FSR the entire deposit is forfeited.  Resource Radio Channel Map 




Mountain Lake: Ch 09 

Note: loggers in a logging operation may also be using a work frequency that is different from the resource road frequency for the area.



Map of access options: Mountain Lake Access Map

New 2021: Summer access from Sea to Sky Gondola via col between Goat Ridge and Copilot Mountain. Class 3 descent from col to south side of Sky Pilot Mountain. New trail traverses the rock slide then follow ridge past Mount Sheer to Mountain Lake. About 16 km from gondola top station to hut. Elevation gain 1700 meters. Allow a full day.

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Additional information: Maps, access and the propane heater system Click Here

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Mountain Lake Hut

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