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22.10.2018 0 comments 650 views Category: Trail Running 
Took busses to Lions Bay, from vancouver. Biked to Squamish, then rode up to do a few runs of my favourite downhill trail.
20.08.2018 0 comments 756 views Category: Scrambling 
Climbed Sky Pilot on Saturday the 19th with the smoke from BC's wildfires floating all around
11.06.2018 0 comments 499 views Category: Hiking 
Biked up the Garibaldi FSR, in Squamish. At the snow-line (1100 m), I switched to crampons to run. Returned at the Warming Hut / Red Heather shelter, deciding instead to bike the many downhill trails.
21.05.2018 0 comments 483 views Category: Hiking 
Hiked up Seymour, built a ramp to snowboard, then returned by snowboarding down a run.
10.01.2018 0 comments 1345 views Category: Hiking 
Stoyoma Again – 45 Years later
28.06.2017 0 comments 1376 views Category: Mountaineering 
Fun times in the mountains. We did see some unicorns on the lake.
17.06.2016 0 comments 1335 views Category: Mountaineering 
Two of us used the first sea to sky gondola at 9:30. The trail to Stadium glacier was well marked. we straightly climbed up from there but it took a time climbing Pink slab without rope.
05.06.2016 3 comments 828 views Category: Hiking 
Meagher creek hot springs
08.05.2016 0 comments 722 views Category: Mountaineering 
6941m of vertical, off of 14 lifts
01.05.2016 0 comments 682 views Category: Mountaineering 
Ours stats for the day, 9,658m of vertical, over a distance of 64km and 5hr 20min of skiing, using 22 lifts, with a max speed of 71kph
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