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13.04.2015 19:24 (3330 Days Ago) 0 comments Category: Rock Climbing  Tags: squamish chief climbing guide 
This is the third guide (sixth compilation) of routes in the Squamish area to appear since Jim Baldwin's loose-leaf compilation of late 1962. As opposed to the 21 routes in that guide and the 140 in the 1975 edition, this guide contains about 280 routes. To some de...
01.04.2015 13:11 (3342 Days Ago) 0 comments Category: Mountaineering  Tags: classic climbing guide 
CULBERT, Dick - A CLIMBER’S GUIDE TO THE COASTAL RANGES OF BRITISH COLUMBIA Alpine Club of Canada, nd (1965) First Edition. Now considered a Classic, this guide covers the area between the International Border to Nass River [the Waddington Range]. 312 pages. B&...
01.04.2015 12:31 (3342 Days Ago) 0 comments Category: Mountaineering  Tags: climbing guide 
The definitive guide to hundreds of trails and peaks in the scenic mountains in mainland southwestern British Columbia and on Vancouver Island. Three Copies held in B.C.M.C. Library...
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