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Posted by SBooth Posted 04.10.2015 22:41 Category: Notices  Tags: reel rock 10 vimff discounts 
Rio Theatre: Wed, November 14 Centennial Theatre: Fri, November 16
Posted by SBooth Posted 04.10.2015 21:59 Category: Notices  Tags: cypress season passes discounts 
Get group discount rates on both Nordic and Alpine season passes if you purchase before October 5th, 2015 (offer now expired offer)
Posted by BrittanyZ Posted 11.03.2014 09:08 Category: Notices  Tags: bcmc discounts 
The BCMC membership card is now available online! https://bcmc.ca/membership_card.php
Posted by BrittanyZ Posted 28.08.2013 21:23 Category: Notices  Tags: membership renewal notice discounts 
If you joined the BCMC before 2012-Oct-1 then your membership renewal date is Oct 1st. If it's this Oct 1, please renew ASAP. A grace period will no longer be provided to anyone late to renew.
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