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1358 days ago 0 comments From: Fede Category: Retailers  Tags: mountaineering skimo backcountry 
actionmama.com — Just sharing a website where it is possible to find several brands not imported in Canada at affordable prices.¬†Shipping is expensive (70euros!!) but i was able to negotiate it for a large group order (~2000CAD) Remember that prices include the VAT (22% at the time of this post ) and you should ask to remove it from the total! I am totally not affiliated with them.
1358 days ago 0 comments From: Fede Category: Retailers  Tags: mountaineering backcountry climbing 
mountaingear360.com — Affordable store that carries several products hard to find in Canada.
4285 days ago 0 comments From: webmaster Category: Information Sites  Tags: backcountry drinking water 
backcountrywater.com — Backcountry Drinking Water - a comprehensive, authoritative information on drinking water quality, contamination and health for hikers, climbers, hill walkers, mountaineers and travellers.
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