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nvma.ca — Mountain Light: Photos from the BCMC Collection For as long as mountaineers have been climbing in British Columbia, they have been taking photographs of their exploits. Along with ice axes, crampons, and skis, the camera has been a vital piece of mountaineering equipment. Mountain Light presents a selection of the best images taken by some of the most outstanding photographers from the British Columbia Mountaineering Club (BCMC) since its foundation in 1907. These images were taken for various reasons: to record shared experience and achievement, to survey and map, to educate, or to depict the natural beauty of the land. In addition, they are all works of art.
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virtualmuseum.ca — Climbing to the Clouds - A People's History of BC Mountaineering. This website is a broad exploration of mountaineering in BC - a project of the North Vancouver Museum and Archives.  Many BCMC members were involved in developing this site.
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