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Posted by chrisl Posted 08.02.2017 15:02 Category: Notices  Tags: vimff film festival 
The 2017 Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival is near (February 10th to 18th). 9 Days, 32 Shows, 98 Films. Sign up on the BCMC site today!
Posted by chrisl Posted 13.05.2016 14:46 Category: Notices  Tags: glacier film mountains fundraiser 
3 young filmmakers are fundraising to make a documentary that will tell the story of British Columbia's disappearing glaciers and what losing them means for this province.
Posted by BrittanyZ Posted 21.11.2013 16:36 Category: Notices  Tags: filmfestival banff 
Show dates at both Centennial Theatre in North Vancouver and Park Theatre in Vancouver, come check out the best of BMFF.
Posted by BrittanyZ Posted 28.10.2013 20:52 Category: Notices  Tags: filmfest 
November 29 and 30, the ACC will host the Best of Banff Mountain Film Festival in Vancouver.
Posted by BrittanyZ Posted 12.03.2013 10:01 Category: Notices  Tags: film banff radical reels spearhead 
Thursday, March 14, 2013, 7:30 pm, Rio Theatre, 1660 East Broadway, Vancouver, this year’s presentation of the most outrageous films from the 37th annual Banff Mountain Film Festival.
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