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30.07.2018 0 comments 226 views Category: Mountaineering 
Mt Rainier via Emmons
09.05.2017 2 comments 632 views Category: Backcountry Skiing 
Coleman Deming and Heliotrope Ridge on skis
17.02.2017 0 comments 662 views Category: Backcountry Skiing 
Started from Alpental Valley to Snow Lake
03.06.2015 0 comments 2257 views Category: Mountaineering 
The BCMC is restoring access to Mamquam Mountain. We've almost cleared to the end of the road. A trip to Paranoid Creek checked out the condition of the crossing.
16.04.2015 0 comments 1113 views Category: Backcountry Skiing 
Backcountry ski trip to check out Mount Ronayne via the Corkscrew Route.
05.03.2015 0 comments 472 views Category: Backcountry Skiing 
Tuesday skiing in the Spearheads
14.01.2015 1 comments 660 views Category: Hiking 
A quick afternoon hike to check the place out
11.08.2014 1 comments 600 views Category: Scrambling 
Three day backpacking trip to climb Mt. Sampson and Delilah
29.06.2013 0 comments 1930 views Category: Backcountry Skiing 
Summer Solstice Single-Day Summit.
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