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Grade: C2 Start: Sat 27 Jul '19
M:6, C:2, W:0
Scramble up Sloan, Gold bridge Area
Grade: B5 Start: Sun 17 Mar '19
M:8, C:8, W:1
Spring Start A casual day at the Smoke Bluffs.
Grade: B2/3 Start: Sat 8 Dec '18
M:8, C:6, W:0
Moderate ski onto Alice Ridge. AV Evaluation exercise followed by some short runs if appropriate
Grade: B2 Start: Sun 22 Jul '18
M:8, C:8, W:4
Fun scramble with one exposed step. 10 km return trip
Grade: B/5 Start: Sat 2 Jun '18
M:6, C:6, W:0
An ascent of the standard route on Sky Pilot under early season conditions
Grade: B/5 Start: Fri 27 Apr '18
M:8, C:10, W:0
An afternoon and evening of moderate trad lead climbing at the Smoke Bluffs
Grade: C4 Start: Sat 5 Aug '17
M:6, C:6, W:0
Scramble and climb the Neskawatch North Spire and the West Ridge of Mount Rexford over a weekend.
Grade: B-C2 Start: Sat 29 Jul '17
M:8, C:6, W:1
Climb Metal Dome then follow ridgeline with snow/scrambling to Brandywine. Descend trail to vehicles.
Grade: B5 Start: Fri 28 Jul '17
M:8, C:3, W:0
Trad to sport lead climbing 5.8-5.10b at Murrin Park
Grade: Class 5 Start: Tue 13 Jun '17
M:6, C:6, W:0
Murrin Park, Apron? Depends on Participants. All attendees should be confident and capable of belaying a lead climber.
Grade: Class 5 Start: Fri 9 Jun '17
M:6, C:2, W:0
Lead climbing 5.7-5.10 range
Grade: C2 Start: Sun 14 Aug '16
M:8, C:7, W:1
Rainbow via Hanging Lake
Grade: B2 Start: Sun 7 Aug '16
M:8, C:5, W:0
Scramble up Needle Peak from the Coquihalla
Grade: B5 Start: Wed 3 Aug '16
M:8, C:7, W:0
Rock Climbing Trad/Lead 5.7-5.10
Grade: B2 Start: Sun 31 Jul '16
M:8, C:7, W:0
Cypress via Roe Creek. Alpine Scramble on ridge
Grade: A3 Start: Wed 2 Mar '16
M:6, C:3, W:0
Cliffhanger Wed Night
Grade: C1 Start: Wed 30 Dec '15
M:6, C:2, W:0
An afternoon at the Oval Richmond...Last minute
Grade: Class 3 Start: Sun 20 Dec '15
M:6, C:2, W:0
Climbing at the Oval
Grade: Class 3 Start: Fri 18 Dec '15
M:6, C:2, W:0
Friday evening at Cliffhanger
Grade: Class 3 Start: Sun 6 Dec '15
M:6, C:2, W:0
Climbing at the Oval Richmond.
Grade: C2 Start: Sun 4 Oct '15
M:8, C:10, W:0
A nice hike to some pretty lakes and moderate scramble on good granite. We will approach via Chance Creek.
Grade: C2 Start: Sat 22 Aug '15
M:10, C:8, W:0
A nice hike and easy scramble from Roe Ck.
Grade: C2 Start: Sun 9 Aug '15
M:10, C:10, W:0
More of a hike than a scramble via Brandywine basin
Grade: A5 Start: Thu 6 Aug '15
M:10, C:3, W:0
Rock climbing Trad 5.7-5.10 at Squamish. Postponed to Thursday due to High LOP starting 11 am Wed
Grade: A5 Start: Sun 15 Feb '15
M:6, C:2, W:0
Gym climbing at the oval
Grade: A5 Start: Fri 6 Feb '15
M:6, C:3, W:0
Indoor Climbing at the Oval Richmond Friday
Grade: A5 Start: Sun 1 Feb '15
M:6, C:2, W:0
Indoor climbing at the Oval in Richmond Sunday
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