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News TitleThe Trip Organizer Challenge
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Trip Organizer Challenge

As an added incentive for the many organizers posting club trips or courses and as a thank you for your contribution, the BCMC will be awarding the first 12 members who organize 6 outdoor club events, each with a minimum of 4 participants, with an Award. Courses of any length also count.


    1. The club event must take place outdoors.
    2. The event must be at least 6 hours in duration.
    3. At least 4 members must participate including the organizer.
    4. Trip feedback and attendance must be recorded on the website within 6 days of the event's completion.
    5. The start of this "challenge" will be retroactive to the beginning of our exec year November 1st, 2016.
    6. Credit is given to the primary trip organizer as shown on the Trip List.
    7. In the case of courses and practices, the course must be taught by club members.
    8. Maximum of one prize per club member.
    9. The trip must be primarily non-mechanized.
    10. The Trips Chair reserves the right to refine and revise the rules at his discretion and shall be the final arbiter of questions requiring clarification.

Current standings will be displayed on the website. There is no requirement for entry other than filling out the trip feedback and attendance forms. Results will be automatically tabulated from that.

If you have any questions or comments you can email me via my link on the left of this news item or post them at the bottom of the page.

Good luck and happy organizing!!! :-)


2018 Results  (last updated 9/10/2018)
from 11/1/2017 to 10/31/2018 


Total # Trips Organizer Details Award
Total # Trips Cliff Eschner 11/4 Iceberg Lake, 11/18 Manning, 11/25 Baker, 12/2 Elfin, 12/23 Seymour, 12/24 Christmas Gully, 12/26 Cal-Cheek 01/14 Skimo Needle, 01/20 Mt Kelly BC Ski, 01/26-28 Ice Climbing at Marble Canyon, 02/10-18 Rockies Ice Climbing, 05/19 The Petgill Mosey
15 Paul Kubik 12/20 Fat Dog, 01/10 Manning Park BC Ski, 01/24 Frosty Mountain BC Ski, 01/31 Windy Joe BC Ski, 02/14 Howe Sound Crest ski traverse, 02/26 Marmot Creek SKI, 3/4 Outram BC Ski, 3/11 Frosty BC Ski, 04/12 Capilano Mtn BC Ski, 04/19 Crawford Pk BC Ski, 05/19 Mount Baker south side
Backcountry Skiing, 05/28 Mount Baker south side
Backcountry Skiing; 6/19 Furry Creek. 7/13-16 Watersprite, 8/9-12 North Creek Clearing
6 Joe Blakeman 11/18 Paul Ridge, 12/9 Paul Ridge, 12/10 Needle, 01/14 Mt Baker BC Ski Table Mtn, 3/3 Three Brothers BC Ski, 3/24-25 Watersprite BC Ski #3
6 Paul Schrimpf 12/3 Black Tusk, 02/18 Puma Skiing, 02/24 Mount Harvey SKI, 3/4 Flora BC Ski, 3/11 Heart Strings BC Ski, 3/17 Mamquam BC Ski #4
7 Oudina Cherfi 11/12 Ice tool practice, 12/16 Beacon practice, 01/06-07 Marble Canyon Ice Chase, 01/27-28 Ice Climbing, 04/21 Mt Harvey Mountaineering, Mt Brunswick N-E Couloir
Mountaineering, 8/25 Lions
#5 (May)
4 Dean Chamberland 11/25 Cypress Pk, 3/4 Mountaineering Practice, 3/30-31 Mt Garibaldi BC Ski; 6/22-23 Baker  
4 Ibrahim Alshathri 6/1-6/2 Wedge; 6/9 Golden Ears; 6/16-6/17 Matier; 6/23 Tricouni  
3 Bill Maurer 02/10 Mt Price Ski, 05/13 Mamquam Mountain
Backcountry Skiing
3 Chris Ludwig 02/13 How to Organize Trips Course, 02/20 Love Your Trails, 02/27 GPS Course  
3 Jim Nosella 3/17 Table Mtn BC Ski, 3/31 Needle/Flatiron BC Ski, 04/20-04/22 Garibaldi Neve BC Ski  
3 Jonathan Ross 02/11 Ice Climbing Anchors Course, 02/18 Ice Climbing Anchors Course, 6/16-6/24 Trad Instructional  
3 Michelle Roy 02/24 Eagle Bluffs Snowshoe, 3/3 Gin Snowshoe, 3/17 Iago Snowshoe  
3 Steve Yun 01/06 Mt Sproatt BC Ski, 01/13 BC Ski the Coquihalla,, 01/27 Introduction to Backcountry Skiing  
3 Marlaina Rhymer 05/12-13 Intro to Outdoor Top Roping; 6/2 Aid Climbing Practice, 7/21 Aid/Big Wall Practice  
2 Alastair Ferries 02/24 Mt. Laughington Snowshoeing, 3/24 Gatey Snowshoe  
2 Anton Perepelytsia 3/17 Zoa BC Ski, 04/07 Needle Peak BC Ski  
2 Elaine Leung 01/06 Sky Pilot BC Ski, 02/03 Sky Pilot Area Ski Tour  
3 Frauke Seewald 11/5 Tricouni, 12/9 Black Tusk, 8/4-5 Mountain Lake Hut  
2 Jack Casey 01/21 Ski Pilot BC Ski, 02/04 Ski Pilot Area, 02/25 Ski Pilot Area SKI  
2 Silver Kim 3/10 Thar BC Ski, 04/08 Thar BC Ski  
2 Tyler Ross 05/06 Smoke Bluffs Climbing
Rock Climbing, 05/21 Squamish Climbing @ Murrin
Rock Climbing
2 Wayne Pattern 12/16 Sky Pilot, 02/10-12 North Joffre Creek Horseshoe Ski, 6/2-6/3 Wedge  
2 Wilson Edgar 12/3 Herman, 12/27 North Creek, 04/11-04/18 Haute Route BC Ski  
2 Youliana Tichelova 3/17-24 Wapta BC Ski, 7/1 Sky Pilot  
1 Alex Shepard 02/11 Ice Anchors Course  
1 Alwin Kran 3/4 Paul Ridge BC Ski  
1 Brad Hayes 01/13 Coquihalla: Iago & Big Bear BC Ski  
1 Brad Riffal 12/9 Black tusk,  
2 Brian Sheffield 6/17 Mt Currie, 8/31-9/3 Lizzie Cr Cabin  
1 Cameron Fenton 6/1-6/3 Packraft Instruction  
1 Christine Mireault 11/21 Beacon practice  
1 Christopher Barton 11/19 Seymour  
1 Claire Tallon 02/22 Snow Shelter Course  
1 Dan Giroday 01/20 Survival Skills Course  
1 David Borja 04/07-04/08 Top Roping Basics Course  
1 Geoffrey Zenger 01/13 Mt Sproatt BC Ski  
1 Guillaume Thimus 01/27 Frosty BC Ski  
1 Henry Marsden 6/2 Sky Pilot, 7/22 Cypress Peak  
1 Jordon Lindoff 12/17 Seymour  
2 Lea Jovanovic 11/18 Beacon practice, 8/18-19 Semaphore  
1 Len Soet 11/17 Fat Dog  
1 Stacy Graham 04/21-04/22 Rock Rescue Course  
1 Steve Pollak 12/22 Cloudburst  
1 Tye Pellichero 6/24-25 Rainier  
1 Winifred Swatschek 02/24 Avy Training  
1 Henry DeJong 7/7 Furry Creek  
1 Jonathan Colyer 7/14-15 Mt Baker  
2 Ibrahim Alshathri 7/14 Mt Marriott, 7/21-22 Matier/Joffre  
2 Jose Collado 7/14 Mt Habrich, 7/21-22 Mt Rainier  
1 David Egan 7/20-21 Wedge  
1 Shannon Healy 7/21-22 Cheam  
1 Michelle Campbell 8/4-5 Matier  
1 Jonathan Polak 8/12 Learn Slab Climbing  
1 Esteban Guisado 8/12 Coleman in WA  
2 Samuel Mullen 8/18 Offwidth Climbing, 8/19 Slab Climbing in Squamish  
1 Brian Martin 8/18 Sky Pilot  
1 Shashiraj Shanbhag 8/26 Kids Climbing  



Note: The standings are currently being maintained manually. If you have organized an event that you feel should qualify send me a message. If there is a strikethrough on one of your listed trips, it means that it could be a qualifier but the trip attendance form has not been completed. I'm giving an extra grace period as we're ramping up the competition so go in and fill in the attendance and feedback so I can confirm that the trip qualifies.

666 Challenge
_666 Challenge
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  •  PaulO wrote 1926 Days Ago (positive) 
    I agree with Marie and PaulK... the club would benefit from promoting a similar mid-week outdoor trips challenge with 3 or more participants.
    Paul O :-)
    0 points
  •  PaulK wrote 1933 Days Ago (positive) 
    Agree with Marie. We need a 6-3-6 mid-week challenge!
    0 points
  •  Marie wrote 1961 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Really cool idea :)

    I've got a comment though:

    I don't agree with the "minimum of 6 participants" because:

    1/ Some people like huge groups and that is cool. But others prefer small groups of 3 to 5 participants. For more challenging objectives, such small groups might be better. It also makes it easier not to lose people in the woods and really move as one group rather than a series of little sub-groups with potentially poor communication between them. It also helps to have a more homogeneous group in terms of speed and level and it is safer when conditions are touchy

    2/ Some people post mid-week trips and those bring lots to the club as well. But mid-week organizers are penalized in this challenge since few people can join mid-week trips

    So this is a cool incentive, but it encourages large weekend groups which is only one type of BCMC trips. But maybe this is the type of trips that the BCMC wants to see?
    0 points
  •  Muddyman wrote 1967 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Great picture!
    0 points
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