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10.03.2017 (110 Days Ago)
News TitleBCMC Expedition Subsidy Program
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Posted by SBooth Posted 22.01.2016 13:40 Category: Notices  Tags: expedition subsidy 
The newly created Expedition Subsidy Program allows you, as a BCMC member, to apply for a subsidy up to $1000 for an upcoming BCMC expedition.
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The North Shore Rescue Team is doing a recruiting drive for new members
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On Wednesday, April 12 at 7:30pm authors Robert Moor and Sharon Butala, Michael Harris will speak about their new books at the Vancouver Public Library downtown branch.
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The Terry Fox Foundation is hosting the annual Mt. Terry Fox Trek August. 19th, 2017 in Valemount, BC
Posted by Bill Posted 12.02.2017 00:59 Category: Notices  Tags: 666 challenge trip organizers 
For the many organizers posting club trips, the BCMC will reward the first 6 members who organize 6 successful club trips, each with a minimum of 6 club members, with a $50 MEC gift certificate.
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The 2017 Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival is near (February 10th to 18th). 9 Days, 32 Shows, 98 Films. Sign up on the BCMC site today!

Are you planning an exciting climbing expedition adventure?  The BCMC can help!


The trip must be

  • posted on the BCMC Trip List
  • for BCMC Members only 
  • mountain and/or outdoor related 
  • remote and/ or difficult and/or unique in nature
  • primarily self-propelled (motorized access is okay)
  • an expedition (typically long in duration by nature)
  • require participants to be extensively prepared in their training and logistics

Guided trips, organized events or races, and charity events do not qualify.


To apply for the Expedition Subsidy, submit the following information as your application package to bcmc.trips@gmail. com:

An introduction to the expedition organizer and/or participants including their relevant background, qualifications, and experience

  1. A trip summary (one paragraph) including the trip title, an overview of the objective, the expected start and end dates, and location
  2. A detailed trip description including more detail on each of the trip summary items, an overview of your itinerary, and an explanation of why your trip is interesting or unique
  3. A description of known risks and how your team is committed to a safe expedition
  4. Your anticipated budget for the expedition
  5. Your plans to present your trip to the club upon your return; it is expected, at a minimum, that this will include a photo essay-style trip report or video blog and a presentation at an upcoming social event; however, if you have another cre- ative medium to communicate with and inspire the club membership then please feel free to suggest. Your creativity on this item could win some major “points” with the selection committee.


The successful expedition will be made based on the information presented in the Application package with a focus on the nature of the trip and what you can provide to the club upon your return.


There are none!  We are always accepting applications.

BCMC Expedition Subsidy
_BCMC Expedition Subsidy
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