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07.02.2014 (3068 Days Ago)
News TitleCourse Discounts for Trip Organizers
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The first pieces of an exciting new BCMC Recognition Program have been passed at the February Executive meeting. Stay tuned for more details, including exclusive Pro Deals, cumulative trip awards, and other goodies in the works.

Fast Track Course Discounts for Active Trip Organizers
This is an automatic discount program for active trip organizers that offers an additional 25% off of regularly scheduled BCMC offerings of select courses: AST-1, Rope Rescue, Crevasse Rescue, and Wilderness First Aid (20h). To qualify, you must have organized at least 4 trips in the past year. Volunteer instructors will receive a deeper discount of 50%. The details and exact structure of this program will be set out within the next month as we formalize a program to recognize the importance of all volunteers within our club.

BCMC Course Reimburse ment Fund
This provides instructors and active trip organizers the opportunity to be partially reimbursed for further mountaineering related courses taught by professionals. These are approved on a case-by-case basis by the Executive. These courses are funded by the revenues generated by the BCMC Programs taught by volunteer instructors. The guidelines as approved follow:

Guidelines for the BCMC Course Reimburse ment Fund [hereafter referred to as CRF]:

  1. The annual budget (Oct 1st to Sept 30th) for the CRF will be set to 50% of the net income from the previous year's "Programs Revenue".
  2. Only mountaineering-related instructional [hereafter referred to as MRI] courses will be consider for reimburs---nt using the CRF.
  3. Only current BCMC members who have volunteered as a Course Instructor or Trip Organizer at some point during the previous year may apply.
  4. Application screening will be based on type of trips and number of trips/courses organized, with preference given to those organizing:
     - 12 full days worth of BCMC trips during the previous 12 months, with a total of 12 or more unique club members participating. 
     - two full-days of BCMC course instruction, with a total of six or more unique club members participating. 
  5. Applications must be received by the BCMC Programs Chairperson [see NOTE-1] within three months of the MRI course start date.
  6. Applications may be submitted and approved either before or after the MRI course is scheduled to start.
  7. An approved application will be specific to both the applicant and the MRI course applied for and cannot be transferred. 
  8. Applications will be rejected if the total fee charged for the MRI course is less than $50 CAD.
  9. Any reimburs---nt awarded should cover at least 10% of the MRI course fee or $25 CAD, whichever is greater.
  10. An approved CRF award will be dispersed if and when the MRI course has been successfully completed.
  11. The Executive Committee may delay disburs---nt until the applicant provides reasonable proof of successful completion.
  12. As directed by the Executive Committee, the BCMC Treasurer will process CRF awards then notify both applicant and BCMC Editor.
  13. The BCMC Editor will make a reasonable effort to advertise CRF awards in the BCMC eNews and/or Newsletter.
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