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08.08.2020 0 comments 744 views Category: Hiking 
A moderate to quick pace up to the summit of Brunswick Mountain
16.05.2018 0 comments 602 views Category: Backcountry Skiing 
Hiked up the Baden Powell route, from Marine Drive in West Vancouver. No snow till after Eagle Bluffs! The route to St. Marks started patchy, with no skinning/skiing possible.
11.01.2017 1 comments 970 views Category: Hiking 
An Incident Summary of the most catastrophic BCMC Website Nuclear disaster in BCMC History
27.06.2016 0 comments 1456 views Category: Mountaineering 
The most famous East Indian climber in the world!
22.02.2016 2 comments 1515 views Category: Hiking 
Overnight Snowshoe to Garibaldi Lake with Overnight Stay at Burton Hut
11.10.2014 0 comments 1256 views Category: Hiking 
BCMC executive funded flights into Sigurd Creek for our work party. We built a kilometer of new trail to Moraine Camp, installed a latrine and flagged the route to Ossa Camp.
06.10.2014 0 comments 1568 views Category: Mountaineering 
Whether it be too hot or too rainy to climb, or you are looking for an extra thrill, canyoneering is awesome! I made a short film of my family's (minus mom and sister) descent of Box Creek, a local classic. Enjoy!
11.10.2013 1 comments 1572 views Category: Hiking 
We worked on a section of the Baden Powell trail that is heavily impacted by trail runners.
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