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11.06.2018 0 comments 165 views Category: Hiking 
Biked up the Garibaldi FSR, in Squamish. At the snow-line (1100 m), I switched to crampons to run. Returned at the Warming Hut / Red Heather shelter, deciding instead to bike the many downhill trails.
21.05.2018 0 comments 177 views Category: Hiking 
Hiked up Seymour, built a ramp to snowboard, then returned by snowboarding down a run.
10.01.2018 0 comments 414 views Category: Hiking 
Stoyoma Again – 45 Years later
11.01.2017 1 comments 641 views Category: Hiking 
An Incident Summary of the most catastrophic BCMC Website Nuclear disaster in BCMC History
13.11.2016 3 comments 614 views Category: Hiking 
Two bridges were built at two creek crossings on Fri Nov 11 2016 see additional photos by Silvertip
17.10.2016 2 comments 1157 views Category: Hiking 
WaterSprite Lake - Hut
04.09.2016 5 comments 755 views Category: Hiking 
Spent the day with Andrew Wong looking for an alt section of the current trail
13.06.2016 0 comments 475 views Category: Hiking 
Hike from the Heliotrope trail head to snowline at about 5000ft
05.06.2016 3 comments 537 views Category: Hiking 
Meagher creek hot springs
27.05.2016 0 comments 525 views Category: Hiking 
Ipsoot from Rutherford FSR
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