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15.11.2018 0 comments 208 views Category: Hiking 
The weather forecast was originally for rain, so we expected to be making more use of the hut, but by the time the long weekend arrived, it was sunny and warm with just a little snow on the ground.
11.06.2018 0 comments 200 views Category: Hiking 
Biked up the Garibaldi FSR, in Squamish. At the snow-line (1100 m), I switched to crampons to run. Returned at the Warming Hut / Red Heather shelter, deciding instead to bike the many downhill trails.
21.05.2018 0 comments 205 views Category: Hiking 
Hiked up Seymour, built a ramp to snowboard, then returned by snowboarding down a run.
10.01.2018 0 comments 470 views Category: Hiking 
Stoyoma Again – 45 Years later
11.01.2017 1 comments 674 views Category: Hiking 
An Incident Summary of the most catastrophic BCMC Website Nuclear disaster in BCMC History
13.11.2016 3 comments 665 views Category: Hiking 
Two bridges were built at two creek crossings on Fri Nov 11 2016 see additional photos by Silvertip
17.10.2016 2 comments 1232 views Category: Hiking 
WaterSprite Lake - Hut
04.09.2016 5 comments 802 views Category: Hiking 
Spent the day with Andrew Wong looking for an alt section of the current trail
13.06.2016 0 comments 496 views Category: Hiking 
Hike from the Heliotrope trail head to snowline at about 5000ft
05.06.2016 3 comments 569 views Category: Hiking 
Meagher creek hot springs
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