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31.08.2015 0 comments 2706 views Category: Hiking 
A trip to scout out a proper place to situate the possible BCMC cabin and get more club members into the area.
19.08.2015 1 comments 14477 views Category: Hiking 
Hike into Watersprite Lake- August 3, 2015
22.04.2015 3 comments 2031 views Category: Hiking 
Chris Ludwig and a B.C. Mountaineering Club volunteer crew take on the Might Alder on the way to Mamquam Mountain.
14.01.2015 1 comments 922 views Category: Hiking 
A quick afternoon hike to check the place out
11.10.2014 2 comments 1759 views Category: Hiking 
Executive summary on what was accomplished using the funds provided by the club for the work party.
11.10.2014 0 comments 1250 views Category: Hiking 
BCMC executive funded flights into Sigurd Creek for our work party. We built a kilometer of new trail to Moraine Camp, installed a latrine and flagged the route to Ossa Camp.
08.11.2013 1 comments 893 views Category: Hiking 
Four set out to clear the Rose Trail to Sigurd Peak on a sunny Sunday in early November. We cleared to 900 meters.
02.11.2013 8 comments 3481 views Category: Hiking 
We took the marked route to Pokosha Pass and from there to the high point overlooking Sigurd Lake from the west. The objective was to get a GPS track for the trail proposal.
11.10.2013 1 comments 1569 views Category: Hiking 
We worked on a section of the Baden Powell trail that is heavily impacted by trail runners.
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