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08.10.2015 (1017 Days Ago)
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Posted by chrisl Posted 07.08.2017 17:22 Category: Notices  Tags: watersprite cabin official opening 
The official opening of the BCMC's Watersprite Lake Cabin is scheduled for Sunday September 10th, at 1PM
Posted by chrisl Posted 23.12.2016 14:53 Category: Notices  Tags: watersprite cabin summary 
The following is a summary of the Watersprite Cabin Project from 2016. This summary is the same as was presented at the last BCMC Executive meeting and BCMC Social.
Posted by chrisl Posted 07.12.2015 14:18 Category: Notices  Tags: special general meeting watersprite lake cabin watersprite lake 
The Board of Directors of the The British Columbia Mountaineering Club hereby gives notice of the following Special General Meeting...
Posted by SBooth Posted 26.10.2015 21:04 Category: Notices  Tags: agm watersprite cabin funds 
Notice of AGM, Executive Elections, and Special Resolution vote for the release of Club funds for the construction of a cabin at Watersprite Lake. Tuesday, November 10, 2015 at the ANZA Club
Posted by BrittanyZ Posted 22.01.2013 11:29 Category: Notices  Tags: website volunteer 
Any interested members are welcome to join the first meeting of the 2013 BCMC website committee, Jan 28.
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Posted by chrisl Posted 06.05.2018 10:56 Category: Notices  Tags: backcountry bc press release official launch 
The British Columbia Mountaineering Club (BCMC) is proud to launch the BackcountryBC website
Posted by chrisl Posted 16.04.2018 13:56 Category: Notices  Tags: spearhead huts donation whistler blackcomb 
Whistler Blackcomb has committed to donate 100% of backcountry lift ticket proceeds to the Spearhead Huts Project.
Posted by chrisl Posted 08.03.2018 19:06 Category: Notices  Tags: volunteers needed spearhead huts 
Spearhead Hut Society is preparing for a busy spring and summer construction plan to complete their Kees hut near Russet Lake.
Posted by chrisl Posted 21.12.2017 16:04 Category: Notices  Tags: hut proposal crawford creek 
A major opportunity for the BCMC has presented itself in the form of installing a new (refurbished) BCMC Cabin at Crawford Creek.
Posted by chrisl Posted 24.11.2017 11:08 Category: Notices  Tags: vimff grants 
VIMFF 2018 Grants and Initiatives

In 2009 the BCMC obtained a Nominal Rent Tenure on Crown land in the Watersprite Lake area with an intention to build a hut near the lake. The BCMC is currently in the process of planning the hut construction and conducting a consultation with its members.

If you are interested in getting informed about the project please visit Waterspritecabin.ca. Here you will find the plans, budget, timelines, location, and latest updates. The website also contains links to the Watersprite Lake Building Committee Meeting minutes, and the BCMC Forum discussions.

In order to proceed with the construction a majority vote by BCMC members needs to take place at a club’s general meeting. If you are a voting BCMC member please book a preliminary date of Nov 10, 2015.



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  •  mj24 wrote 1012 Days Ago (positive) 
    Totally agree with Paul's comment. Great source of information, and nice to see a neutral presentation of the proposal (i.e. pros & cons). Definitely worth taking a look before the upcoming vote
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  •  PaulO wrote 1017 Days Ago (positive) 
    Thank you for adding this... the WaterspriteCabin.ca website is very informative and worth spending some time looking at. Paul :-)
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