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31.08.2015 0 comments 1815 views Category: Hiking 
A trip to scout out a proper place to situate the possible BCMC cabin and get more club members into the area.
24.08.2015 0 comments 736 views Category: Scrambling 
Two day hike to Slalok at Joffre
19.08.2015 1 comments 12310 views Category: Hiking 
Hike into Watersprite Lake- August 3, 2015
05.08.2015 0 comments 802 views Category: Mountaineering 
A three day trip from Cheakamus to Phyllis Engine via Helm Glacier.
03.06.2015 0 comments 1922 views Category: Mountaineering 
The BCMC is restoring access to Mamquam Mountain. We've almost cleared to the end of the road. A trip to Paranoid Creek checked out the condition of the crossing.
22.04.2015 3 comments 1247 views Category: Hiking 
Chris Ludwig and a B.C. Mountaineering Club volunteer crew take on the Might Alder on the way to Mamquam Mountain.
16.04.2015 0 comments 996 views Category: Backcountry Skiing 
Backcountry ski trip to check out Mount Ronayne via the Corkscrew Route.
29.03.2015 0 comments 599 views Category: Backcountry Skiing 
West side of Mt. Baker
08.03.2015 2 comments 866 views Category: Mountaineering 
We drove to Rutherford Creek FSR and reached to Appa Glacier. There were so many peaks, Sisqa, Ipsoot, Syaqtsa, Skuza, Sem'am...
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