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Posted by BrittanyZ Posted 08.11.2014 23:45 Category: Notices  Tags: discount gripped rock&ice 
New discounts for Gripped and Rock&Ice for BCMC members. Save 40-70%
Posted by BrittanyZ Posted 08.11.2014 23:28 Category: Notices  Tags: discount bcmc members 
Exclusive BCMC discount on VIMFF tickets for members! Show runs Nov 12-15
Posted by BrittanyZ Posted 10.10.2014 12:39 Category: Notices  Tags: huts watersprite 
The hut survey results have now been released, thank you to every member who contributed to the survey.
Posted by BrittanyZ Posted 04.06.2014 22:50 Category: Notices  Tags: prodeals organizers trips 
Organize four trips and get access to awesome pro deals - save up to 40% on hundreds of brands.
Posted by BrittanyZ Posted 05.05.2014 23:34 Category: Notices  Tags: volunteer 
Now is the time to step up and help the club by organizing a trip or helping out as a volunteer instructor.
Posted by BrittanyZ Posted 25.04.2014 16:45 Category: Notices  Tags: ravil everest 
BCMC member Ravil Chamgoulov is attempting Mt Everest from the Tibet side this season, here's an update on his progress.
Posted by BrittanyZ Posted 25.04.2014 16:42 Category: Notices  Tags: road access upper lillooet 
Upper Lillooet Road driveable to km 43 as of April 25, 2014.
Posted by BrittanyZ Posted 09.04.2014 16:57 Category: Notices  Tags: discount mec night 
Tuesday May 6th, 7-9pm, sign up on the trips list for this 10% off member exclusive!
Posted by BrittanyZ Posted 05.04.2014 11:41 Category: Commentary  Tags: health fmcbc non-motorized med 
FMCBC research study into the health benefits of non-motorized recreation has some details that may be of use the next time you're sneaking out of the office early Friday afternoon to get outside.
Posted by BrittanyZ Posted 11.03.2014 09:08 Category: Notices  Tags: bcmc discounts 
The BCMC membership card is now available online! https://bcmc.ca/membership_card.php
Posted by BrittanyZ Posted 10.03.2014 07:55 Category: Notices  Tags: project everest sevensummits 
The BCMC is supporting longtime club member Ravil Chamgoulov's April 2014 attempt on Everest, which would complete his quest for the Seven Summits.
Posted by BrittanyZ Posted 24.02.2014 10:17 Category: Commentary  Tags: bcmc800 vimff volunteers 
Thanks to the efforts of the BCMC volunteer crew at VIMFF, we've reached "BCMC 800", the club is bigger than it's ever been.
Posted by BrittanyZ Posted 07.02.2014 22:15 Category: Notices  Tags: recognition 
Announcing two new exciting programs to help recognize and train active trip organizers.
Posted by BrittanyZ Posted 07.02.2014 22:11 Category: Notices  Tags: vimff 
Check out over 23 programs of fantastic films, outstanding speakers, and great mountain culture at the Centennial Theatre, Pacific Cinematheque, and Rio.
Posted by BrittanyZ Posted 15.01.2014 18:15 Category: Notices  Tags: volunteer vimff 
We're looking for volunteers to help at the BCMC table on VIMFF nights at Centennial Theatre, Feb 7-15. Sign-up details are here.
Posted by BrittanyZ Posted 09.01.2014 22:16 Category: Notices  Tags: discount icebreaker 
Exclusive shopping night for BCMC members at the Icebreaker store in Kitsilano, Vancouver. Save 30%!
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