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Welcome to the British Columbia Mountaineering Club
Welcome to the B.C. Mountaineering Club

The BCMC is a group of like-minded individuals who participate in outdoor activities. The club was established in 1907 and on February 15th, 2014 reached a new milestone of 900 active member accounts. The club organizes mountaineering, rock climbing and back country skiing trips throughout the year. The BCMC holds monthly socials, offers courses to members and represents the interests of mountaineers and back country skiers in British Columbia.

BCMC Social Event
Tuesday, October 8th BCMC Social Event
Doors at 7pm, show at 7:30pm
Geri-Arctics Ellesmere Island Expedition 2019
by Alice Purdy


Under the inspiration and leadership of Chris Cooper, seven seniors (ages 64-74 years) enjoyed 30 days in the unique high arctic environment of southern Ellesmere Island. Polar bears, muskox, icebergs, tough little plants, and building their own airstrip for pickup provided some of the highlights. Alice Purdey, a BCMC member since 1965, will be presenting on this adventure at the October social.


The Social will take place at the Vancouver ANZA Club main floor (corner of 8th Ave and Ontario) on Tuesday, October 8th. The entrance door will open at 7 pm and we will begin the evening at 7:30 PM with an Update from the Executive. Please note: you must be 19+ years old to attend and may be asked to sign-in at the door to ensure we don't exceed 117 people in the hall. Once at capacity we will be forced to turn attendees away. Feel free to grab a drink at the bar before the social starts.

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We'd love to hear from you! If you have recently been on an awesome adventure and you would like to do a presentation at one of our socials, please contact us at socials@bcmc.ca


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This is what the schedule is going to look like for volunteers we still need someone for the 23rd and 24th.
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Tickets for VIMFF 2019 guest speaker shows available now!
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NOTICE OF BCMC ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING to be held on November 13th at 7:30pm at the ANZA Club, 3 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver, BC.
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Join us on Whistler's opening weekend for a fundraising social to support the Spearhead Huts Society!
Conservation & Parks Issues
514 days ago 0 comments Category: Park Huts
The BCMC took over ownership and the management of Backcountry BC in January of 2018.  All Advocacy, Recreation and Conservation issues are hosted, discussed and handled on the new and active website. www.backcountrybc.ca Backcountry BC was built and is operated by the BCMC Web Team. ...
600 days ago 0 comments Category: Park Huts
From Backcountry BC on Pinecone Burke: - by Chris Ludwig (posted also on Backcountry BC) "The planning process for Pinecone Burke Provincial Park is currently underway.  This planning process is to create the park's first Masterplan that will determine what is allowed and what is not allowed in the park for decades to come.  This is accomplished through zoning. ...
Upcoming Trips & Events
Stacy Graham Grade: A5 Start: Thu 19 Sep '19
M:6, C:3, W:0
Indoor Climbing - Climb Base5 North Van
Anders Ourom Grade: A1 Start: Fri 20 Sep '19
M:8, C:1, W:0
A large volunteer event organized by climbers, and a lot of fun!
Anne Blossom Grade: B5 Start: Fri 20 Sep '19
M:8, C:3, W:1
A weekend at the bluffs
Brian Sheffield Grade: B2 Start: Sat 21 Sep '19
M:10, C:7, W:0
A wonderful fall hike to Tenquille Lake. Great meadows and peaks. The cabin is closed for maintenance
Lisa Quattrocchi Grade: C2 Start: Sat 21 Sep '19
M:8, C:8, W:1
Moderate pace with weather dependent objectives
Bill Maurer Grade: D4 Start: Sat 21 Sep '19
M:10, C:5, W:2
Multi peak loop along the HSCT
Alastair Ferries Grade: D2 Start: Sat 21 Sep '19
M:99, C:14, W:1
Bendor Range east of Gold Bridge
Trip Reports
27.06.2016 0 comments 1100 views Category: Mountaineering 
The most famous East Indian climber in the world!
21.02.2016 0 comments 2059 views Category: Backcountry Skiing 
Approach from Watersprite winter route, ascent of Crawford west ridge, descent by proposed Watersprite Lake summer route to Darling Lake trailhead, back along Skookum IPP road to parked vehicle.
15.12.2015 0 comments 1069 views Category: Backcountry Skiing 
Does it get any better?
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