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Megan Eastwood Grade: B2 Start: Sat 24 Apr '21
M:6, C:1, W:12
An overnight trip to Red Heather (ski or snow shoe)
Brian Sheffield Grade: B3 Start: Fri 4 Sep '20
M:6, C:8, W:0
Peaks and meadows near Lizzie cabin
Eve Xia Grade: A2 Start: Thu 20 Aug '20
M:4, C:4, W:0
Backpack the Berg Lake Trail
Poroshat Assadian Grade: C1 Start: Fri 7 Aug '20
M:3, C:1, W:0
Juan de Fuca Backpacking
Tristan Allan Grade: B2 Start: Sat 25 Jul '20
M:6, C:5, W:0
This trip is expected to include a beautiful lake, sore legs and terrible puns.
Mark Zabel Grade: B2 Start: Sat 18 Jul '20
M:5, C:5, W:3
Overnight hike +camping (1 night) going south to north from Cypress Bowl to Porteau Cove, camping above Enchantment Lake
Brian Sheffield Grade: B2 Start: Sat 2 Nov '19
M:8, C:8, W:1
Hike to cabin and surrounding terrain. One overnight
Christina Williams Grade: B3 Start: Sat 12 Oct '19
M:6, C:1, W:0
Backpacking and exploring the Seton Area by Saddlebags lakes trail and coming down by the Downton Lake trail
Eileen Bistrisky Grade: C3 Start: Sat 28 Sep '19
M:6, C:4, W:0
Dickens, Fannin, Prysbyter & Deacon
Flavio Wasniewski Grade: A1 Start: Sat 28 Sep '19
M:12, C:2, W:0
Backpacking in the alpine, close to Pemberton
Paul McBride Grade: C3 Start: Sat 28 Sep '19
M:8, C:3, W:0
An enjoyable overnight backpack to Brandywine meadows, Brandywine Peak, and surrounding alpine wonderland.
Flavio Wasniewski Grade: B1 Start: Sat 7 Sep '19
M:12, C:5, W:0
Hiking the Musical Bumps on Saturday, overnight at the hut, back on Sunday
Christina Williams Grade: B3 Start: Fri 6 Sep '19
M:4, C:3, W:0
Explore the Rohr ridges and peaks
Brian Sheffield Grade: B2 Start: Fri 30 Aug '19
M:10, C:9, W:0
Four day back pack trip to camp by the alpine lakes at the head of Lizzie Creek
Dean Chamberland Grade: B2 Start: Mon 12 Aug '19
M:6, C:3, W:0
3 nights in an area for which 16 pgs of the Scrambles book are dedicated.
Tom Green Grade: C2 Start: Sat 3 Aug '19
M:8, C:3, W:0
A week of treking and scrambling in the South Chiloctin (Paradise Valley area)
Eileen Bistrisky Grade: C3 Start: Fri 26 Jul '19
M:5, C:1, W:0
Magnesia, Brunswick, Fat Ass, Hat & Wettin
Christina Williams Grade: B2 Start: Fri 26 Jul '19
M:6, C:2, W:0
Friday to Sunday scrambling up Gandalf-Aragorn-Shadowfax and Peregrine Peaks
Annette Muttray Grade: C3 Start: Fri 19 Jul '19
M:4, C:4, W:5
Brohm Ridge via Culliton Creek, Mount Price, Garibaldi Lake, to Helm Creek
Alexandru Romanciuc Grade: B4 Start: Sun 14 Jul '19
M:3, C:2, W:0
A 3 day trip into Cathedral Park with doing a loop climbing most of the peaks of that area
Brian Sheffield Grade: B2 Start: Fri 28 Jun '19
M:10, C:10, W:1
Fly into Warner Lake and follow the ridges past Mt. Sheba and Spruce Lake to Tyax Lake
Eileen Bistrisky Grade: D3 Start: Fri 21 Jun '19
M:5, C:3, W:0
Runner, Elsay, Rector, Curate, Vicar, Bishop, Klegg, Bishop Bump, Coldwell, Theta
Alice Obermajer Grade: B1/2 Start: Sat 27 Oct '18
M:6, C:7, W:5
Hiking to the highest summit in Manning Park
Henry DeJong Grade: B2 Start: Sat 13 Oct '18
M:8, C:8, W:0
Hike to Mountain Lake Hut and trail and lite maintenance on the approach
Alice Obermajer Grade: B2 Start: Sat 6 Oct '18
M:6, C:5, W:0
Hiking in Manning/Cascade
Alice Obermajer Grade: B2 Start: Sat 22 Sep '18
M:6, C:3, W:0
Hiking off the Duffey Lake Road
Alice Obermajer Grade: B1 Start: Mon 13 Aug '18
M:6, C:3, W:0
A 74km backpack trip on the Hudson's Bay Company (1849) Heritage Trail
Kelly Hirsch Grade: B2 Start: Sun 5 Aug '18
M:6, C:4, W:0
Flatiron Lake/Needle Peak Overnight Sun Aug 5-Mon Aug 6 - Coquihalla Summit Recreation Area
Brian J Wood Grade: B1 Start: Sat 14 Jul '18
M:10, C:1, W:9
A crossover backpack between Cheakamus Lake and Black Tusk meadows.
Brian Sheffield Grade: B2 Start: Fri 6 Jul '18
M:10, C:3, W:1
A four day stay at the refurbished Lizzie Creek Cabin to explore the Peaks, Meadows and Lakes around
Bryant Lim Grade: B2 Start: Fri 29 Jun '18
M:4, C:4, W:1
Celebrate Canada Day hiking one of Canada's most iconic trails
Susan Park Grade: C2 Start: Tue 15 Aug '17
M:4, C:2, W:0
Backpacking Trip on the Howe Sound Crest Trail
Brian J Wood Grade: A3 Start: Sat 15 Jul '17
M:8, C:6, W:0
Date is tentative as this trip requires TWO independent leaders with at least TWO cars to handle shuttle
Paul Olynek Grade: Class 1 Start: Fri 11 Nov '16
M:11, C:11, W:0
Hike to Watersprite Lake for the November long-weekend to work with others to finish the new BCMC Cabin.
David Robertson Grade: Class 1 Start: Sat 29 Oct '16
M:12, C:8, W:0
Hike to Watersprite Lake and work with other members to build the club's new cabin
David Scanlon Grade: A1 Start: Sat 22 Oct '16
M:14, C:9, W:0
Insulating and finishing the upper end walls, other insulating tasks, adding shelves and building kitchen counters
Wilson Edgar Grade: Class 1 Start: Sat 15 Oct '16
M:20, C:10, W:0
Hike up to Watersprite Lake and work with other members to help complete the club's new cabin before winter.
Philippe Lapointe Grade: Class 1 Start: Sat 1 Oct '16
M:20, C:4, W:0
Hike up to Watersprite Lake and work with other members to build the club's new cabin
Serguei Okountsev Grade: B3 Start: Mon 1 Feb '16
M:4, C:0, W:3
Snowshoeing around the deepest lake in the United States.
David Scanlon Grade: B 2 / 3 Start: Sat 5 Sep '15
M:8, C:2, W:0
A hiking / backing trip
David Scanlon Grade: B1 Start: Sat 22 Aug '15
M:8, C:4, W:0
An overnight backpacking trip to assess the area for multi-day trips and review the proposed cabin site.
Brian J Wood Grade: B1 Start: Wed 3 Sep '14
M:5, C:0, W:0
Two week backpack along Northern Section of John Muir Trail in California
Brian J Wood Grade: B1 Start: Sat 26 Jul '14
M:10, C:8, W:0
About 20 km intermediate Backpack on Provincial mostly sub-alpine park trails with a camp in the sub alpine.
Stanislav Liarsky Grade: C2 Start: Sat 31 May '14
M:12, C:6, W:0
Backpacking Trip in Whistler Area
Don Montrichard Grade: C/D 2 Start: Fri 8 Nov '13
M:6, C:3, W:0
A long-weekend backpacking trip along alpine ridges
Don Montrichard Grade: B 1/2 Start: Sat 2 Nov '13
M:6, C:3, W:0
Autumn weekend hiking and camping trip to the high country above Callaghan Lake
Mike Peel Grade: C2 Start: Sat 19 Feb '05
M:0, C:0, W:0
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