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Other Events by Silvertip
Dan Giroday Grade: A5 Start: Sun 5 Jan '20
M:5, C:5, W:5
Video tape analysis of movement over the wall
Dan Giroday Grade: A2 Start: Sat 20 Jan '18
M:4, C:4, W:3
Raffuse Recreation Site Survival Practice
Dan Giroday Grade: A1 Start: Sat 30 Dec '17
M:8, C:3, W:0
Play board and card games at Silvertip's apartment
Dan Giroday Grade: A2 Start: Sat 16 Dec '17
M:4, C:3, W:0
Go to Joffre Lakes and eat chocolate
Dan Giroday Grade: B2 Start: Sun 16 Jul '17
M:3, C:3, W:0
Hike/Scramble up the the summit of Mt. Strachan - Signup closed - Roster full
Dan Giroday Grade: B1 Start: Sun 9 Jul '17
M:3, C:4, W:0
Exploring the backcountry of Squamish
Dan Giroday Grade: 5.7-5.9 Start: Mon 22 May '17
M:5, C:4, W:0
Climbing trip - Top Roping - Sign up closed
Dan Giroday Grade: 5.7-5.9 Start: Thu 4 May '17
M:4, C:3, W:0
Climbing Slab/Crack and Dihedrals
Dan Giroday Grade: A/B2 Start: Sun 26 Feb '17
M:4, C:2, W:0
Beginner Friendly Exploration of the Backcountry around Squamish
Dan Giroday Grade: A2 Start: Sat 14 Jan '17
M:4, C:2, W:0
Hike to Brockton Point and then travel a portion of First Peak Wilderness Route
Dan Giroday Grade: A1/2 Start: Sat 7 Jan '17
M:5, C:2, W:0
Hike/Snowshoe up Black Mountain
Dan Giroday Grade: A2 Start: Sat 24 Dec '16
M:6, C:2, W:0
Snowshoeing at Mount Seymour - Objective will either be Dog Mountain or Second Peak
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