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14.01.2016 (734 Days Ago)
News TitleFMCBC - Call for Volunteers
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NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING to be held on November 14th at 7:30pm at the ANZA Club, 3 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver, BC.


The BCMC will host the Annual General Meeting of the Federation of Mountain Clubs of British Columbia (FMCBC) on the weekend of 28/29 May 2016.   Ben Singleton-Polster and Brian Wood (BCMC’s co-directors of the FMCBC) are looking for the following help:





1.    3 or 4 volunteers to help plan and / or organise this event.




-       Arrange breakfast and lunch for Saturday meeting

-       Organize billets.

-       Event Organization/Coordination


2.  Billets for about 20 directors for the nights of Friday and Saturday (27/28 May) of various member clubs from around the province.  The main events of the AGM will take place on the west side of Vancouver, so billets located in the City of Vancouver are preferable. The FMCBC pays for and provides a light breakfast and lunch for directors attending the AGM on Saturday, however, it is usual for the billet hosts to provide breakfasts for their guests on Sunday morning.


3.  Activities for our guests:

      Local Entertainment for Saturday after 4:00 PM

      1) About 6.00 pm.  Restaurant meal (covered by attendees)

      2) About 8.00 pm. Lecture, slide presentation, etc. (presenters and suitable location needed for the latter two)


            Outdoor Activities (i.e. Hikes, nature walks of various lengths)

            - Saturday-Hikes of various levels and lengths (for weekend attendees not participating in the AGM)

            - Saturday- Post meeting walk (close to AGM venue) from about 4:00pm-5:30pm

            - Sunday - Hikes of various levels from 8/9:00 am – 12:00pm

**Our deadline for finalizing these arrangements is 1 March 2016**

Meet and Greet

An informal “Meet and Greet” (M&G) is planned for Friday evening near UBC to provide an opportunity to socialize and for attendees to meet their billet hosts. The M&G is a BYOB event with a casual evening meal provided at our club’s expense (as simple or as elaborate as the club wants it to be-potluck or catered).  All members of the FMCBC (and BCMC) can attend, but we would appreciate prior registration for numbers.

If you can help with the organisation and/or want to provide a billet, please contact Ben at bensp@hotmail.com or 778-322-8052, or Brian at bjwood@telus.net or 604 222-1541. 


Thank you.

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